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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Red Top Mountain

Go to and search for Charlotte Fairchild to hear some of the things I sang at Red Top Mountain. Murder on the Silver Comet Trail can be found at
Please cut and paste! Or order from the publisher:

June 24 to 29 I am going to Little Buffalo State Park in Pennsylvania for Mountain Laural Autoharp Gathering, or MLAG. Google this if you are curious!

If you do a search on and search for Charlotte Fairchild, you will find the songs I sing.

The first time I ever saw fine tuners. All three autoharp players learned something. Well, maybe Pat didn't. I did sing a song she never heard before. Someone I taught, a man who plays the banjo named Pat called me today to tell me he bought an autoharp and is going to play it. He paid $199.00 at a pawn shop in Acworth for almost a new OS21, and he said it came with two books and he already has a guitar tuner. It made me really happy for someone to take it up.

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