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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Char Harp

People who play music can find volunteer places to bring music to people/children.

When I was teaching children, one little girl got a canned drink on her pants. She was six years old so I told her to go home, put her hands on her hips and tell her Mother to put her in the bath tub and then put her to bed. She cracked up laughing. Like that was going to happen!

I think it was Olivia who took the picture of me at the Boys and Girls Club that is in the book Murder on the Silver Comet Trail.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Autoharp Cozy drawings

This takes 30 minutes to make the way I make it.
It is worth $18.00. 
Less tuning when the autoharp is covered from 
hot and cold temperatures.

Use the Buddy System and play more!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mind body work

An autoharp can be good for the mind.
What do you think?
Find someone who plays autoharp and learn how to play. Go online and study on Youtube.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Instant Buddy

When you go somewhere and you are alone, be aware. When you get a chance, say hello to other women and watch out for them. Tell them you are watching out for them.

Hug Story Empowerment is not scheduled to have another party until early December. I like meeting in public places as an added safety.

Instant Buddy is about being aware. Talk to women in isolated places. Ask them to join you so that you are not alone and that you are both watching out for each other. Men are trained to do this when they have weapons in law enforcement and in the military.

I like to say hello to women. Sometimes if their children are crying I go and offer to help.

Be safe, and use a wooden spoon to "hammer" a song if you lose your pick!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What do people like?

Make a list and find out what other people like!
Boundaries and safety

What the World needs now is kindness.
Murder on the Silver Comet Trail is written by me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Buddy System #InstantBuddy

Dear Corporal Henson, Sheriff, Herbert and Joyce Franklin, Ms. Lorraine Kreahling (PBS), Mr. Witte (law professor at Emory U.) and Jazz for Peace, Rev. Scot at TMCI, Jeet, and Sonny,

Women are not taught often in our society to use the Buddy System.
Businesses can support #InstantBuddy and double their businesses.
People who use the Buddy System spend 2x the money and BUSINESSES LOVE PEOPLE WHO SPEND 2x as much money. Share with anyone who will read or listen. Make this email count for Jennifer Ewing. Do this before I die. Do this for Chandra Levy, for Meredith Hope Emerson, and for every woman who has been abducted or murdered.

A woman alone is a target.
No weapon can protect her if she is hit in the face with a baseball bat before she can draw a weapon.

We are not doing enough.
Last December I saw 7 women who were alone on my way to mile marker 17 where Jennifer Ewing was abducted/murdered.
The counties won't change the signs to include Buddy System.
No business sell t-shirts that say Buddy System and I don't sell enough books to buy t-shirts to spread the concept, so I am spreading the Instant Buddy (system) on Twitter.

Where do men hear about the Buddy System? Law enforcement, every military branch, hunting, ice fishing, kayaking, deep sea diving. . . . The list is longer for men to learn from than for women. Men do not need the Buddy System more than women do.

Women don't have the wide influences to use a Buddy System and they could with SHOPPING!
So much crime happens in parking lots.

Please share this with Deputy Mike Quinn, and with the Sheriffs of Paulding and Douglas Counties. I am posting this letter on my 12 blogs, Twitter,  Facebook, Pinterest and the Global Health and Humanitarian Summit, which I help to organize at Emory University. Next month will be the 6th anniversary for Jennifer Ewing, and the 8th anniversary for me surviving. I survived to write a book and she will never be as old as I am now. If you have any ideas to improve an Instant Buddy system, please contact me @Twitter with #InstantBuddy .

Women can encourage each other to find someone in a parking lot to walk with, and meet before leaving the store to go to their vehicles. The women can find an Instant Buddy who is of the same gender/sex as they are. No handsome Ted Bundy or Hilton with their high IQ will be asked. This is not about fear. This is about prevention. We are not doing enough.

#Instant Buddy,

Rev. Charlotte Fairchild, MDiv, CPE,

Fear Thou Not, 501(c)3
PO Box 1268
Hiram, GA 30141
Twitter/SKYPE: Charfair

Murder on the Silver Comet Trail,
First chapter free, and for Kindle Prime it is free.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Thank you Best Buy in Hiram, GA for the donation of laptop external speakers for my Hug Story Empowerment workshops!

Thank you Peach State Printing!

Who can help me with signs that roll into a canister? Mine came undone!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The High Museum

Last year I had only met one autoharp player, and then met 2 and then 500 this year, and now another one, and I jammed again with a violist/fiddle player.

Tuesday I meet Kyle in Marietta for folk music jamming.

As of today, March 25, 2014, I am not playing the autoharp. I am not experiencing the joy of an autoharp. Does it make you wonder?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fear Thou Not

Part of my non profit is connecting, and I do that with music. I am playing the autoharp on the Silver Comet Trail on Sunday mornings around 9 or 10 am unless it is raining.

Find me with an autoharp on the benches near the red caboose, across the street. I probably need to be near the Red Caboose. It would be nice to sit on the deck of the red caboose, but I am not going to try! One day I will see the sheriff deputies sitting on that deck and relaxing!

The last time I went to the Silver Comet Trail I took the book Murder on the Silver Comet Trail I had given my parents. They died so I received the book back. 

Please look at the Murder on the Silver Comet Trail on Amazon and on Kindle.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Red Top Mountain

Go to and search for Charlotte Fairchild to hear some of the things I sang at Red Top Mountain. Murder on the Silver Comet Trail can be found at
Please cut and paste! Or order from the publisher:

June 24 to 29 I am going to Little Buffalo State Park in Pennsylvania for Mountain Laural Autoharp Gathering, or MLAG. Google this if you are curious!

If you do a search on and search for Charlotte Fairchild, you will find the songs I sing.

The first time I ever saw fine tuners. All three autoharp players learned something. Well, maybe Pat didn't. I did sing a song she never heard before. Someone I taught, a man who plays the banjo named Pat called me today to tell me he bought an autoharp and is going to play it. He paid $199.00 at a pawn shop in Acworth for almost a new OS21, and he said it came with two books and he already has a guitar tuner. It made me really happy for someone to take it up.

Red Top Mountain Dulcimer Autoharp

Howard McGee playing my diatonic and had never seen a diatonic before. Pat doesn't want to fool with them. With her 13 guitars, 3 harmonicas, 2 autoharps, piano and all the other instruments she has, I can understand completely! She taught me two big things. To hold my harp next to my good ear by holding it straight up instead of slanted Appalatian style, and to put stick um letters on the sides of the 'harp, the better to see you with, m'dear. She played very well even though she had a broken finger tip and played melody. She talked about Kittie Wells' music and gave me loads of names. I should have had a 007 tape recorder to learn better!

Howard McGee found out about the Red Top Mountain gathering by a post I put on cyberpluckers that was read by a Georgia southernautoharpers person who told him 2 people would be there. I only found out Pat would be there because I got nosy about who she was because she is listed on the Autoharp Quarterly as a teacher. We talked for a long time on the phone. She is a performer first and also teaches. She is busy.

I almost didn't make it because of chores like the dogs heartworm pill and getting a 'harp tuned. It was a long way to drive if the two people didn't show up. I did not jam with autoharpers. I jamed with a guitarist and a dulcimer player. Second time I jammed, and then I sang a lot. And I taught a whole lot.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Splash page

A good friend and relative of my husband offered to do a splash page for me. I have so many blogs and one website! I decided not to add anything else. I will add this blog so if anyone is interested, they can check out the other blogs I have. (Indonesia) (free art book by Florence Seymour) (commercial) (free calender recycling book) (free recipes) (commercial)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Autoharp classes

Pictures of the sky by Bob Liphart (c) 2008

Picture of a rainbow by Bob Liphart (c) 2008

September 2008 the Boys and Girls Club tasted kudzu brownies, kudzu crock pot cake, and kudzu juice. They heard the kudzu song, and strummed. They heard Mama's Soup surprise, and O Sole Mio with the autoharps. They heard some other songs, as well, and we talked about signatures, notes, chords, and what is similar to the piano.

Boys and Girls Club

The photographer is above, and the children and their enjoyment of the autoharp are below. They fought for turns, argued for turns, and the little girl who sucks her thumb and loves to argue wasn't there. We discussed the accidental fart as well as the appropriateness of sitting and putting shoes on tables. One child farted, but I don't think it was an accident. I am not controlling them except for safety. I don't allow them to jump from table to table. They want to.

They said the kids in trouble had to sit in that area. . . .so it was ok to fart on that table. The art teacher is going to learn mosaic stained glass stepping stones from me, and give me a copy of the application to be an art teacher for the Boys and Girls Club and elsewhere. She has a degree in interior design and likes my free wild eye make up and free loud perfume I get from the mall on the days I escape from the house.

The children are told I will sing opera if they don't listen, so either they hear Puccini or Tchaiykovsky (he drank green tea) and sometimes O Sole Mio. This time they heard the Star Spangled Banner with the high A or E. I need to figure what I am singing out. I feel good because only a few ever want to leave. They are funny.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Autoharp afficianados

Please google cyberpluckers for many, many sites for instruction and music for the autoharp, as well as events. also has videos of autoharp performances and classes.

Chaplain to the World

Chaplain to the World
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