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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Red Top Mountain Dulcimer Autoharp

Howard McGee playing my diatonic and had never seen a diatonic before. Pat doesn't want to fool with them. With her 13 guitars, 3 harmonicas, 2 autoharps, piano and all the other instruments she has, I can understand completely! She taught me two big things. To hold my harp next to my good ear by holding it straight up instead of slanted Appalatian style, and to put stick um letters on the sides of the 'harp, the better to see you with, m'dear. She played very well even though she had a broken finger tip and played melody. She talked about Kittie Wells' music and gave me loads of names. I should have had a 007 tape recorder to learn better!

Howard McGee found out about the Red Top Mountain gathering by a post I put on cyberpluckers that was read by a Georgia southernautoharpers person who told him 2 people would be there. I only found out Pat would be there because I got nosy about who she was because she is listed on the Autoharp Quarterly as a teacher. We talked for a long time on the phone. She is a performer first and also teaches. She is busy.

I almost didn't make it because of chores like the dogs heartworm pill and getting a 'harp tuned. It was a long way to drive if the two people didn't show up. I did not jam with autoharpers. I jamed with a guitarist and a dulcimer player. Second time I jammed, and then I sang a lot. And I taught a whole lot.

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