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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Douglasville autoharp

It was hot! They had lunch served after an accounting firm came and cooked and served the children. They all had tee-shirts on and sat in a group by themselves. Three came to talk to us, and I gave them a copy of Mama's soup surprise I got from Rhapsody with no tabulature. I had copies made for the children with tabs, and will use it for the next few weeks. Several children memorized it in the two hours we were together. The 'harps weren't tuned because it was 98*F during the week, and my air conditioner broke Sunday. I tuned one before coming, and then two while there. Two children tried tuning with me. One said she wanted to continue, but if that means she contacts the Music Depot in Douglasville or not, I cannot say. The great thing is, they will remember, and they made music this summer.

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Charlotte Fairchild said...

Autoharp Angels can help people get an autoharp that is donated. The application is 1 page and may take 6 months if you cannot afford an autoharp. Five out of 6 school teachers had autoharps in the 1970's. Not many teachers have them now because the computer is more important and funding for music is lower than ever.

Google Autoharp Angels and then Google Will Smith autoharp on Youtube. You consider the autoharp differently I hope.

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